Takes a Village Music was born in late 2013, when in a stroke of dumb luck we (Avi Sills and Omar Fadel) had the opportunity to work together on several commercials.  Collectively, we’ve been composing and performing commercials, films, television, video games, trailers and albums for over 20 years.  Although we had been best of friends and worked together many times over the past decade, we had never collaborated as co-creators.  We jumped at the idea and dove right in.  The clients were over the moon with the results and so were we.  And then a lightbulb went off: We should do this more often.  And so we formed Takes a Village Music, a company specifically tailored to the advertising industry.  We chose our name because it takes a village to produce a commercial.  From the client to the agency, the creative inception to the shoot, all the way to the score and the mix, every step of the process is integral in producing a quality finished spot.  If you want a company that will obsess over music as much as you obsess over the concept and the picture, we’re the guys for you!