TAV Music is officially bonafide!

Yes it’s true. We are no longer a lonely .NET.  We are now a .COM - Movin’ on up to the big time. Both Omar and Avi can be reached using this magical combo- Avi or Omar + @ + TAVMUSIC + .COM  We look forward to the flood of work coming in from this latest development!

A very spicy holiday season

The Gentlemen of TAV Music have been busy wrapping up a run of spicy holiday spots for the one and only McCormick Spices - (coming soon to a tv near you)  and just started working on a brand spanking new spicy number for the beginning of the year. 

Welcome to our new website!

Hi Y'all!  Welcome to our website! We're just starting out so there isn't too much here at this point, but rest assured in the coming months we will populate it with all sorts of latest and greatest news.  Thanks for having a look and listening to a tune.  

Avi & Omar

McCormick - In Every Kitchen

We were recently given the tall order of coming up with a song for a spice commercial.  Not exactly the easiest thing in the world, but we worked away and finally came up with something we were proud to show the world.  Apparently our client, McCormick Spice's was equally proud.. This is McCormick's In Every Kitchen